"I Liked The Part Where He Started Crying."

In it for the Rush- Part 4 of Air 1-2ish

  • June,7th,2012 at 7:57 AM

Want to watch Robert Carlyle in Stargate Universe, but just don’t give a single fuck about anything else but his character? GOOD NEWS! I am making “In It for the Rush”, a comic cutting out all the CRAP THAT ISN’T RUSH and showing all THE COOL BITS WITH NICHOLAS MOTHER FUCKING RUSH.

Too long for Tumblr! No down payments, no interest until 2014!


Portmanteau of "Yelling" and "Barking". To talk unsolicited and emphatically, especially in an inciteful or irritating fashion.
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Name: Ash R.
Online Handle: Yark
Age: 22 (4/11/91) Gender: Fuck if I know Pronouns: Any
Sexuality: Pan
Triggers: None
Favorite Color: Blue

Current Projects

IFTR- In it for the Rush, a webcomic summerizing the Stargate Universe Series from the perspective of a zealous Nicholas Rush fan. Currently on Hiatus.

Greychild- RPG work set in fictional land. Useing RPG maker and attempting to do all art (sprites, larger art, probably some tilesets), writing and coding by myself. Yay. Currently ongoing.

Art- All sorts, for friends and fandom as the interest strikes me.

Writing- Currently writing Sum of a Man which I (most of the time) affectionately refer to as "The Bastard". I also write in a lot of seperate Verses, thought primarily Stargate Universe and a bit of Once Upon a Time, and other works including Robert Carlyle.

I live with and am engaged to Autumn, my Best Beloved and My Dove.

Very lucky to run with the Carlyle Crowd.